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Contest Guide

Step 0: Make sure you have the needed accounts/apps

1. Open the Azuro Testnet bot @azuro_bot in Telegram

2. Sign up via the bot and follow on-screen instructions

2.1. Follow Azuro Protocol’s official accounts

Discord channel:

Telegram group:

Telegram channel:


The Betting Contest marks the official launch of the Azuro Testnet. Open to anyone the contest allows early adopters to interact with the Azuro Protocol testnet, place risk-free bets and compete for amazing prizes from a total pool of 6,000USDT + 6,000AZUR and many NFTs for swanky achievements, like number of bets won in a row, awkward wins or losses, most turnover and many others.

The place in the Betting Contest leaderboard is defined by the profit realised by each participant. …


The first record of sports betting dates back to more than 2,000 years ago. Betting on the ancient Olympics was where it started. Fast forward to the 20th century betting moved to casinos In Las Vegas in the 50s and then widely throughout the world with tens of thousands of betting shops. The true catalyst though was the internet which made betting possible anytime, anywhere. Today about 2.5bln people worldwide place bets on sporting events, which is >50% of adult population. In 2019 the industry was estimated at $262bln and annual growth continues at >11%.

Despite its spectacular size…


Azuro Protocol — global liquidity provider for decentralized betting

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