1st Azuro Testnet contest is finished

Dear Azurians,

Our Testnet inaugural and first betting contest has just ended. We saw great activity and engagement. Let’s look at some stats:

~11,000 people registered

~300,000 bets

~700 events settled

~6,000 leaderboard participants, most of which eligible for the “First Azurian” NFT!

Final list with leaderboard rankings and all NFT winners to be shared in the next 14 days.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. Here’s some adversity we had to overcome:


On our 2nd day our Telegram Chat crashed, as apparently Telegram got concerned with the immediate sharp interest in Azuro. Happily, we were able to fix this, yet not without the help of our very own key advisor — Vlad Martynov, who helped us speak to the right people in Telegram, and get the chat back up. However in the meantime — many of you weren’t able to register via the bot, and had to re-register.

Rinkeby faucet

It seemed like Azuro put some additional pressure on the Rinkeby faucet for getting test ETH, and it became unreliable for many of you… In this case — the community rose up to the challenge and ETH was sent around from people who had managed to use the faucet successfully to those who hadn’t.

Events settling

We also encountered several issues with our very own testnet — most notably connected to having events which were actually finished to still appear for betting, therefore making it impossible to redeem winnings. We deployed a fix which will prevent this from happening in the future.

All in all — we are thrilled about the level of participation and we thank you for your patience and support in this first 30 days! We got plenty of useful feedback on things to improve going forward and next Testnet campaigns will be bigger, better and smoother.

What happens now?

We are going through and verifying the Contest results. In the next 14 days we will share:

Full leaderboard rankings, including the exact USDT & AZUR rewards for each eligible participating address, and the NFTs (including the “First Azurian” NFT — our early-adopter-proof badge) which each address has won.

Do i need to do anything now?

No. Just make sure you follow us on Twitter, and join our Telegram and Discord communities to get notified about the update.

When are rewards distributed?

  1. USDT rewards will be distributed within 14 days from now. We expect this to happen before or on Oct 12.
  2. NFTs will be distributed at a later stage. Make sure to follow us on twitter, and join our TG & Discord communities for updates! And don’t forget — NFTs are your proof of participating in the decentralized betting revolution. We are changing betting for the better, together.
  3. AZUR rewards will be distributed after the Token Generation Event, which still doesn’t have a set date. We expect it to happen by Q2 2022.

Are there going to be more competitions on the Testnet?


The Azuro Testnet continues to kick on. We have a great Competition Special planned for Crypto Fight Night in Dubai, on Oct 16, when some of the greatest traders and influencers in crypto like RookieXBT and Loomdart will put on the boxing gloves and fight! This will be a funky one.

Right after that we plan to release 2 more betting markets and continue with a second full-on Testnet Contest.

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