Announcing the week 1 winners sharing 2000 USDT between them!

The first week of our latest betting contest has come to close. And the winners are in…

The top 10 participants in this week’s contest will share 2000 USDT between them with the winner taking home a cool 1000 USDT.

First place this week was a busy bettor. We recorded 116 bets made and 71 winners that qualified for the contest. This meant the winning Azurian scored 20.76 points overall to take first place and the 1000 USDT prize. Congratulations to them and they have been contacted in the Discord.

Here’s a final look at the top 10, each of which will take home a USTD prize.

Things were busy! In fact so busy that we saw over 2,000 different wallets take part in the contest and over 30,000 bets placed. Huge!

Specifically there were 2,046 different wallets that entered, which made 32,259 bets in the contest.

The average bet placed was 16.9 USDT and the total USDT spent was 545,230 (all test USDT remember).

This was from a total of 40 events available to bet on, all football this week, and that meant there were 145 eligible markets.

A big thanks to all of those that got involved in the community. We saw substantial growth in Discord and on Twitter as news of the competition spread which was great to see.

We go again this week as we start week 2 of this #azuroSZN betting contest with more USDT prizes on offer plus NFTs for all winners as well.


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#azuroSZN Week 2 Betting Contest

We’re mixing things up a bit for week 2. This time we’re including NFTs in the prize pool plus token rewards of 1000 USDT.

Here’s the switched up prize money list:

Week 2 Betting Contest rules

Start time: Tuesday 22nd February 00:00 UTC
End time: Sunday 27th February 23:59 UTC

Competition General Rules

Example 1: you win a bet at odds of 3.0. Your total points that go towards the competition will be 2 (the profit from your bet).

Example 2: you lose a bet at odds of 3.0. Your total points that go towards the competition will be -1.

Example 3: you win a bet at odds of 1.75. Your total points that go towards the competition will be 0.75.

What’s on this week

It’s another great week of football around Europe with the continuation of Round 16 of the Champions League plus 2nd legs of the Europa League play-offs.

Highlights include Chelsea v Lille and Juventus on Tuesday and Atletico Madrid v Man Utd and Benfica v Ajax on Wednesday.

There’s also Premier League action Thursday with a top 4 chasing clash between Arsenal and Wolves.

And don’t forget a full round of European league football on the weekend…plenty to get stuck into!

Good luck to all participants in this week’s betting contest and remember to jump into our Discord for all the latest updates.



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