On the 13th of October, we start our 2nd betting contest — Azuro Crypto Fight Night Betting Contest. We will introduce new markets and will add unique markets.
Here are the details of the new contest:

Period: 13 October 09:00–16 October 16:00 (UTC)

Prize pool: 2,000 USDT + 3,500 AZUR + NFTs


  • Register in Telegram via the Azuro Bot: @azuro_bot

How to participate?

Place bets during the contest period. You will be able to claim 1000 USDT in test tokens once during the contest.
You have to place bets before the start of the first event

Rewards distribution:

250 USDT and 500 AZUR will be distributed between 5 randomly selected participants.


  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (3 NFTs)
  • Top-3 Highest Turnover (3 NFTs)
  • Top-3 Most bets won (3 NFTs)
  • Crazy Bet — Win a bet with >20 odds (Unlimited number of NFTs)
  • KO Master — Win all bets on KO markets (Unlimited number of NFTs)
  • Craziest Bet — Win a bet with the highest odds (1 NFT)
  • Not Your Day — Lose a bet with the lowest odds (1 NFT)
  • Outcome Genius — Guess an outcome of every fight (Unlimited number of NFTs)

Contest Page

Check the step-by-step guide

The small print:

  • Only tokens won via bets will be counted. Free USDT tokens claimed but not used for betting will be forfeited
  • All bot and duplicate entries will be disqualified
  • All winners will be announced on the official Azuro Telegram channel @azuroprotocol
  • USDT awards will be granted within 2 weeks after the end of the contest
  • AZUR tokens & NFTs will be granted after the token generation event, expected to happen in Q4, 2021

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Azuro Protocol is an open-source public-domain software including a set of smart contracts, written in Solidity that can be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, and/or other blockchains.

Azuro is in Testnet and no real money, cryptocurrencies, or assets can be or will be used for betting. Using the Azuro Testnet and participating in any of the campaigns or promotions on the Azuro Testnet is only possible with test USDT tokens available in the Rinkeby Test Network. There is no option or possibility for participants to use any other form of tokens or assets on the Azuro Testnet, therefore, there is no way for real money or assets to be used for the purpose of betting, or for winning any reward.



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