Azuro @ London, Dubai & Lisbon

Hi everyone,

We’ve been relatively quiet the last 3 weeks, but that is not to say we’ve not been busy — just the opposite!

Azuro Protocol’s mission is to make betting trustless, transparent, fairer and more fun and to make the industry itself more democratic — allowing for a broader value share with more participants. Thus, we view it as particularly important for the success of Azuro to increase the level of understanding, especially in the crypto realm, about the current prevalent problems in the space — be it when looking at traditional betting or crypto prediction markets that never really worked.

Here’s a recap on what we’ve been up to recently, after 3 conferences, 3 global cities, hundreds of incredible people met, and many new recruits to the Azuro idea of changing betting for the better…


We started off at the beginning of October, with our participation @Token 2049 in London — the crypto conference series known for assembling leading founders and executives to highlight the latest evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our CMO, Rossen gave a 15-minute keynote speech about the future of decentralized betting. He reported his astonishment about the amount of smart, positive, open, and helpful people who were present at the event, and the great feedback we’ve been getting from potential partners, investors, VCs, and generally fellow blockchain and web3 enthusiasts about Azuro. It’s been surreal to participate and speak about our project alongside industry luminaries like Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital, Stani Kulechov of Aave, Kain Warwick of Synthetix, and many other great contributors and accomplished figures in the industry. We’re already looking forward to the next event in Hong Kong later this year.


Then in mid-October, a few of our founders went to Dubai for a week full of various crypto events.

It was a great opportunity to meet more people, also from the Middle East and West Asia crypto scene, but also for some of us to meet live for the first time! More, our CEO Paruyr delivered our investor pitch at the WBS stage, which was streamed live as part of the Startup Pitch Initiative by WBS.

The week in Dubai was not only business, though, as on the weekend — Crypto Twitter gathered from all parts of the world for the boxing night, having Twitter celebrities RookieXBT & Loomdart face-off in a proper boxing match, won by Rookie on points. At the same time — we ran a Contest Special for the Crypto Fight Night, allowing our community to bet on the fights and compete for USDT, AZUR tokens, and NFTs, without taking any risk — which made the several Azurians who won very happy ;)


At the end of the month — our CTO Dan & lead dev Pavel went to Lisbon for a week full of crypto events and the ETH Lisbon Hackaton. As winners of several major ETH hackathons — the boys met numerous fellow devs from the community, but with the help of our bizdev Alexandra — it wasn’t just about coding but also about advancing the Azuro project further in terms of potential cooperations in the space. Still, that didn’t stop the Azuro boys from winning 1st prize in the TheGraph competition and 3rd place in WalletConnect’s competition as part of ETHLisbon Hackaton ; )

And more — we topped it off with the Azuro Terrace party, where we hosted friends and contributors from many other projects for a night of shared enthusiasm for what we can do for the betting industry we’re set at disrupting via decentralization, and ofc… nice cocktails & music.

In summary — the past few weeks have been great as we’ve taken the first steps to get very broad feedback from experienced leaders, developers, entrepreneurs, VCs in the blockchain space with regards to the solution we are building. So far, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which is not to say it is going to be easy. But we feel as confident as ever that we’re on the right path.



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