Azuro partners with Impossible Finance to bring you the 0xlympics

2 min readSep 20, 2022


In collaboration with Impossible Finance, and our commitment to support innovations in web3, we’re excited to announce our support of the 0xlympics!

Taking inspiration from the centuries-old Olympic games, the 0xlympics will bring the spirit of the greatest sporting competition the world has ever known to Web3, GameFI, and Play2Earn. Impossible Finance has gathered a consortium of the best P2E guilds in the space; each guild will face off in a competition of the most popular P2E games. So who will be crowned the first 0xlympics champion!?

You might be wondering, where does Azuro fit into this? In partnership with our first front-end, bookmaker.XYZ, we’ll open several markets where you can place bets on your favorite teams and predict key events during the 0xlympics.

All betting markets will be available on bookmaker.XYZ.

The 0xlympics will begin and run until the date below.

0xlympics: 28/09/2022–30/09/2022

Official Game Guilds & Partners

Impossible FInance has gathered quite an illustrious group of guilds; I’m sure most of these will need no introduction:








Each guild will send its best, most battle-hardened set of gamers to sweat it out in the arena. In addition, each, guild is going head-to-head in everyone’s favorite P2E games Axie, CyBall, and Thetan!

The 8 teams participating will face off in a single elimination, best-of-three match. The full 0xlympics schedule will be released in the coming week.

0xlympics will be streaming via YouTube, Twitch, Cryptovoxel, and Facebook for all viewers to watch and cheer on their teams. LFG!

What Prediction Markets will be available?

We have quite a selection of markets you can bet during the 0xlympics. Of course, you will be able to back your favorite team as they progress through the competition, but we’ll also have some other fun events you can predict.

0xlympics Start Date


  • Will Team X win competition X?
  • 16 Markets covering Axie
  • 16 Markets covering Thetan
  • 16 Markets covering Cyball
  • Will there be more than 100K viewers on Twitch?
  • Will there be more than 100K viewers on Youtube?

The full market schedule, including the exact time when betting begins, will be posted on the morning of the 28th.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be involved in this ground-breaking initiative from Impossible Finance. Impossible Finance is committed to making the 0xlympics a global crypto-gaming festival and competition that will unite players, games, and guilds from across web3. Looking at the list of guilds they have united leaves no doubt in our minds we’re about to witness the beginning of something special.

We have one thing left to say… LETS. FUCKING. GO.




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