Azuro partners with Pinnacle Solutions, industry-leading sports betting provider

Azuro is thrilled to announce that the Pinnacle integration will be fully integrated into the Azuro ecosystem within the coming weeks! Pinnacle will now be bringing its industry-leading data feeds to the Azuro ecosystem.

It should be no secret to most of you that Pinnacle announced a partnership to bring their industry-leading data feeds to the Azuro ecosystem as a data-feed provider. This partnership allows Azuro to provide accurate and real-time market data, enhancing the betting experience for Azuro’s front-end operators and users.

Who is Pinnacle?

For those of you who may be unaware of who Pinnacle are and why this partnership is a monumental step forward for Azuro

Pinnacle is the worlds leading betting data provider, including sports betting odds, betting markets, and betting feeds. Bookmakers widely view them as the gold standard in sports betting data. Pinnacle has dominated the industry since 1998, winning multiple awards for its excellence in providing the best sports betting odds, betting markets, and betting feeds to bookmakers worldwide.

Pinnacle has been advancing standards in the sports betting industry for over two decades and always has an eye on technologies that will shape the future of this industry.

What does the Pinnacle integration mean for you?

We want to take this time to highlight Pinnacles’ benefits and how this will enhance the experience for you, the users interacting with the protocol and front-end operators.

We can break down the significant improvements you will notice as a user of the front-ends and protocol into three categories.

More Markets & Sports:

With over 20 years of industry experience, it’s no surprise that Pinnacle covers every conceivable betting market and recognized sport available today. Azuro will now be able to leverage the power of Pinnacle and offer more sports, more betting markets, and more betting options than ever before.

We know our Esports community will be particularly excited to read this, considering the recent lack of available matches and markets. With Pinnacle, we can offer more variety, leagues, games, and markets than ever before!

Faster Match Settlement:

You will be delighted to hear that one of the significant improvements you will see is the speed at which matches resolve will be drastically improved.

On average, football matches were taking 1–2 hours to settle, while esports much longer. As a result, we significantly reduced the esports on offer, so it didn’t become a point of contention for the front-end communities.

Pinnacle can provide data much faster than our current feed provider.

In short, you will now be able to withdraw your winnings from the smart contracts much faster.

Match Creation:

Not only will matches be resolved faster, allowing you to withdraw your money from the smart contracts much quicker than before, but the speed at which matches are created and available to bet on will be improved significantly.

Going Forward..

This partnership with Pinnacle is a major milestone for Azuro; forging a partnership of this magnitude furthers our credibility as the leading decentralized betting protocol.

Not all data feed providers are created equal, but we envision this integration will set a higher standard for future data-feed providers and only improve the experience for protocol participants going forward.



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