Azuro Partnerships: Angel Fund and DAO — MetaCartel Ventures

We are extremely pleased to announce our new partnership with MetaCartel Ventures and welcome another exciting team into the fold. The partnership allows us to work alongside some of the brightest minds and biggest names in web3.

The team behind MetaCartel ventures is very impressive, with CEOs and founders from such companies as Aave and Axie Infinity and talent from many groundbreaking web3 dApps. MetaCartel Ventures is a creation of Meta Cartel. Meta Cartel started its life as a telegram community of developers looking to collaborate on projects. Now they consist of a team of 800+ builders from all over the world supporting over 23 dApps.

MetaCartel Ventures was borne out of this community in 2018 specifically to make investments into early-stage decentralized apps and to help accelerate and grow web3. MetaCartel Ventures also referred to as Venture DAO is a for-profit DAO with a community-oriented membership structure and a unique flexible participation model, setting it worlds apart from a traditional VC firm. Venture DAO is completely DAO governed, having no board of directors or a central body controlling the organization. Contributors to the DAO or as MetaCartel refers to them “Mages”, are members who are considered to be actively participating in the members’ shared management efforts, including activities such as sourcing investment opportunities, conducting deal due diligence, and conducting asset management. Venture DAO Mages range from founders, builders, engineers, community builders, product people, and investors. Some of the amazing talent involved in the DAO includes:

Stefan George — CTO @ Gnosis
Jiho — Head of Growth & Co-founder @ Axie Infinity
Calvin Liu — Strategy lead @ Compound Finance
Bobby Ong — Co-founder & COO @ CoinGecko
Raphael Shmertz — Founder @ BR Capital

Other members of the DAO come in the form of accredited investors referred to as “Goblins”. Goblins are passive members of the DAO who still hold the same managerial rights and power but choose not to exercise them. Goblins can move to a Mage and vice versa without fear of being expelled from the DAO.

MetaCartel are still at the forefront of web3 and are actively investing in new projects today such as web3 data specialists — 3Box Labs, rare art NFT marketplace KnownOrigin and of course decentralized betting protocol, ourselves — Azuro. It is a privilege to be part of their impressive portfolio and to have their backing. Partnering with MetaCartlel Ventures will give us access to their incredible circle of partners including some of the most exciting and capable start-ups in web3. We look forward to growing with them onboard.

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