Azuro Partnerships: Blockchain and Web3 Investors-BR Capital

2 min readDec 18, 2021


As we are planning our testnet v2 release and planning a public launch, we thought it is a great time to start letting you know about our partnerships. We will be giving you regular updates on the companies and individuals who believe in Azuro, see a bright future for decentralized betting, and are actively contributing to the success of the DAO.

We couldn’t think of a better place to start than with BR Capital, our very first partnership, the first people to share our vision and hopefully the start of a long-standing success story. BR Capital was a natural fit for us from the start due to the connection between BR Capital’s CFO Lau and our cofounder Paruyr. Furthermore, with BR Capital being a fund with more than a few investments in eastern Europe/west-Asia and Russia, and extremely hands-on, we got off to a good start immediately as more than a few of the core contributors are native-Russian speakers.

About BR Capital

BR Capital are an investment fund that for the past few years have been focused mainly on blockchain projects. Raising over $450 million across 80 ICOs in tech development, BR Capital brings a wealth of experience to the project with 50 years combined experience in investments and decades of experience in building rapid-growth tech companies. BR Capital has diversified investment strategies focused on VC-style stakes in startups, hybrid investments in pre-public sale & public sales (equity + tokens), and crypto trading programs including arbitrage and a regularly rebalanced basket of tokens.

Azuro x BR Capital

We are delighted to be working with such an experienced and shrewd group who are fully behind what we are building and believe in: socially & commercially impactful innovation through the application of blockchain and web3 technology.

Keep up to speed here as we are adding more meaningful partnerships and are getting humbling validation from people and organizations everyone in the space respects deeply. More soon…

This is only just the beginning of our decentralised movement and we will dive deeper into Azuro’s solutions, approach and decentralised betting as a whole in our future articles.

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