Azuro Partnerships: Decentralized Prediction Markets — Pulse

2 min readJan 24, 2022

After successfully completing our seed round and forging partnerships with some of the largest and most promising names in web3, it would only be fitting to join up with even more talent. We are thrilled to announce our new partners, decentralized prediction markets experts, Pulse.

About Pulse

Pulse started its life as a spin-off passion project of FluxDAO created to demonstrate the ability of the flux oracle, and how it can be utilised for prediction markets. FluxDAO created the underlying infrastructure which enabled the creation of Pulse without the requirement of any private fundraising, making it completely owned and governed by the community. Pulse is an open-source, decentralized prediction market platform built on NEAR Protocol. Pulse gives users the tools to create and participate in no-limit prediction markets for everything ranging from sports to politics, all while remaining permissionless, non-custodial, and user friendly.

Azuro x Pulse

Pulse is now looking ahead to the future of decentralized prediction markets and has chosen to build its own front-end on the Azuro protocol. With their history and understanding of prediction markets we are extremely excited by the proposition to have them build on Azuro, and are looking forward to what they will bring.

Building on Azuro will allow Pulse to create their front-end without any need for liquidity. This works by Azuro providing the base layer of liquidity for decentralized betting as well as providing automatic creation of events/markets, and providing odds and results. Front-ends such as Pulse can therefore focus their time and money on marketing, user acquisition and building a community based around their dApp.

Furthermore, with Pulse falling under the umbrella of FluxDAO there are further opportunities for the partnership in regards to decentralized data provision, due to their already established Flux oracle. We are looking forward to the future development of our relationship and what Pulse can bring to decentralized betting.

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