Azuro Partnerships: Gambling Affiliate Experts – Clever Advertising

2 min readMar 11, 2022


We are excited to announce our new partnership with performance media agency – Clever Advertising. Having Clever Advertising on board sharing their 15+ years of experience in the betting industry will be invaluable for Azuro.

About Clever Advertising

Clever Advertising are one of the top 3 lead generators and acquisition partners for betting companies in the world and have been the key acquisition partner for some of the biggest names in gambling and sports betting including Bet365, SkyBet & PokerStars.

Clever Advertising have been pivotal for projects all over the world in achieving success by providing an array of services such as digital marketing, online advertising, management and development of online content and more. Over the past decade and a half Clever Advertising has used their extensive network of tens of thousands of media outlets and social media presence to become the market leader in promotion and branding recognition.

Clever Advertising are experts in media buying and are well educated in the potential legal restrictions attached to certain types of media. They have amassed a wealth of experience and have built a highly skilled team to ensure that all legal requirements are met before purchase. Due diligence is also exercised when considering prospective partners, such as Azuro, with all projects being vetted to verify they are legal, compliant, solvent and socially responsible.

Azuro x Clever Advertising

We will have a direct partnership with Clever Advertising and work with them on customer acquisition and brand positioning for frontends to be built on Azuro. We will also work together in the placement of decentralized betting frontends using their incredible reach of people all across the world, and in turn, supporting the education of people for betting in web3 and lead generation for frontends on Azuro.

Azuro is the future of decentralized betting and Clever Advertising will help them get there with our expertise in gambling affiliation.”
Clever Advertising

Clever Advertising are selective when considering their partners so it was validating when they agreed to partner with us. We shall work closely with Clever Advertising taking onboard their welcomed advice to help our project reach new heights. They believe in Azuro: both the project and the team. Not only are they investors, but they are also affiliation partners.

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