Azuro Partnerships: Play-to-Earn Gaming Guild — Merit Circle

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the gaming DAO — Merit Circle and our plans to bridge the gap between GameFi and decentralized betting. A partnership built on a mutual respect for each other’s projects with Merit Circle being a key investor in our recent $3.5mln seed round.

About Merit Circle

Merit Circle are at the forefront of the gaming industry and are bringing DAO governance to GameFi. Merit Circle was created by the founders of the Axie 420 scholarship program and has been incubated by Flow Ventures. They are already taking the industry by storm with an impressive 3,000 scholars and securing funding such as a $4.5mln seed round. Merit Circle hit the ground running following their introduction to the world in late 2021 and have already amassed over 30,000 members in their Discord community, and close to a huge 100k on Twitter. Merit Circle is also busy partnering with dozens of new games and preparing for the immense projected industry growth by stockpiling as many digital assets in readiness for more scholars.

The 3 Pillars

Merit Circle operates by focussing on being more than merely a scholarship program. The successful completion of their BLBP token launch raised over $100mln from thousands of investors. The token plays a key role in the DAO and is used for governance rights to holders, with voting power weighted towards the amount held. MC token is also able to be staked directly on the Merit Circle app with some impressive returns and was also a great success on Binance launch pool having over 18 million MC tokens staked.

Next on the agenda for Merit Circle is their overarching gaming platform, which will revolutionize the play-to-earn gaming experience. The all-in-one platform will give players instant access to their finances and stats, without having to leave the game, bringing a richer experience and changing the way we play play-to-earn games. It was this creative outlook that brought us together in search of a way to combine play-to-earn games and decentralized betting.

Azuro x Merit Circle

Web3’s composability allows for us to bring our two worlds together and integrate the Azuro protocol into Merit Circle’s soon coming platform, allowing for in-game betting direct from the dashboard. Just like the real world, the metaverse deals with uncertainty in outcomes, in turn, offering opportunities for prediction/betting markets. Players will be able to create betting markets for PVP events or take advantage of Azuro’s liquidity and bet on larger events similar to eSports. With the Azuro protocol handling players bets, storing funds securely on smart contracts which manage payouts, means that GameFi betting can remain decentralized and trustless, allowing for a safe environment for users.

“Betting will offer the GameFi space an enhanced experience and offer more options to devise play-to-earn strategies. Azuro is a powerful infrastructure that we want to integrate into the Merit Circle Dashboard, a meta-game that will be a gateway to the Metaverse. This dashboard would be incomplete without a tailored betting API.”

Tommy Quite (Merit Circle)

Integrating betting and prediction markets into Merit Circles platform is just the first step of our partnership and we look forward to the further opportunities the relationship holds.

Beyond their Meta-game dashboard, — having the partnership of Merit Circle widens our reach in the space immensely and increases our capacity towards delivering the betting layer for web3 gaming.

With forward-thinking and the desire to build the metaverse, we can only imagine what will come next. GameFi has still got a long way to go before we can start to call it mainstream, but with teams like Merit Circle flying the flag, it won’t be long until blockchain gaming is commonplace. We will soon see new technological advancements in the industry as the metaverse makes its way into our everyday lives, and we look forward to what Merit Circle will bring to GameFi.

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