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The core reason for the creation of Azuro was to provide a solution to fix the broken betting industry. Players and bookmakers are at odds with each other, and all the control lies in the hands of the bookmaker. This is a problem that has plagued the betting industry for decades, and now it’s time to provide a fair and transparent experience for players.

Nobody understands this problem better than our proud new partner Bookmaker Ratings, whose founder Paruyr, is now also cofounder of Azuro. Paruyr started Bookmaker Ratings with the same core idea at heart — to make betting fairer for players. Paruyr was an ex-professional sports bettor for over 10 years. At first Paruyr didn’t encounter any issues with the bookmakers, but after a while, they grew wise to his style of betting — arbitrage, and then the problems kept coming. Bookmakers then decided to penalize Paruyr for “winning too often” and would confiscate his winnings or even ban him from their site entirely! It was clear that the bookmakers were going to do all they could to inhibit players and at this point, enough was enough.

About Bookmaker Ratings

To combat the unfairness came the creation of A site geared at helping players and bookmakers trust each other by providing in-depth analysis, reviews and ratings for online bookmakers. Bookmakers Ratings has been helping bring fairness back to betting for over 10 years by acting as a mediator between bookmakers and players to aid in settling disputes.

The 10+ years of experience in the betting industry as both player and intermediary has demonstrated to Bookmaker Ratings the different problems bettors are facing with bookmakers. Dealing with over 40,000 complaints has brought an understanding of players needs and led us to where we are today — trying to eradicate this from happening altogether.

Bookmaker Ratings provides an invaluable service to the betting industry but became increasingly interested in finding a solution to remove the power from the bookmaker. They had already been approached by several crypto exchanges/websites with advertising proposals. When asking the crypto companies why they were approaching them, they replied, “because our customers are in fact the same”.

We have discussed the overlap of bettors and crypto investors in a previous article Why is it Time for Decentralized Betting to Take Off and explained how the right time is now! Bookmaker Ratings Founder Paruyr was aware of this and teamed up with like-minded individuals in the space from backgrounds of betting, crypto and payments to form the core team of what we now know as Azuro.

Azuro x Bookmaker Ratings

Combining the skills and experience of both teams is essential for the growth of Azuro. Bookmaker Ratings are extremely well established and the largest online media and lead generator for the sports betting industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. This clout brings a huge opportunity to educate and inform bettors of new opportunities in the betting world. Having such a loyal following will be invaluable for Azuro as this puts us in front of the Bookmaker Ratings 6M+ monthly users. This is the type of advertising most start-ups would dream of, and we have it in spades thanks to this perfect partnership. Bookmaker Ratings have also launched their own Chainlink node to provide sports betting data to the blockchain. Azuro are currently taking full advantage of this for our testnet V2 and we are extremely happy with the results. Bookmaker Ratings are providing aggregated odds, results, and event/market data for the automatic creation of events and markets.

This is just the start of a close relationship and our shared motivation to protect and provide a safer, fairer and transparent betting experience is fundamental. We look forward to working with Bookmaker Ratings for years to come and to finally bring decentralized betting to the world.

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