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We are now happy to announce that Azuro protocol’s smart contracts are live!

Azuro protocol & the ecosystem

Azuro is the base layer for decentralized betting. A piece of open-source code which enables independent Liquidity Providers, Data Providers & Oracles to interact at the protocol level and deliver a constant feed of priced betting markets with liquidity included.

Data Providers deliver a feed with initial betting odds, Oracles import the priced markets on-chain, then these markets receive parts of the liquidity from the Liquidity Pool, where LPs have put money.

Then, the user experience (the environment where bettors bet) can be delivered by independent Frontend Operators (apps, websites, widgets, etc.).

Live on Mainnet Gnosis Chain

Azuro protocol is now deployed on Gnosis Chain and the first liquidity pool in $xDAI is expected to shortly receive liquidity from our partners/investors from Gnosis.

Our code has undergone audits by 2 auditing companies (Hacken & Pessimistic Labs), white hackers, helpers (like, partners (like Gnosis) and we’ve been running a bug bounty program with ImmuneFi for a while.

Azuro Launches a $30,000+ Bug Bounty on Immunefi


We are now confident in having potential Frontend operators connect to the protocol.

Azuro’s permission-less design means virtually anyone is now able to launch their own frontend/app on top of Azuro and utilize the betting markets available on the protocol level. People or organizations interested are encouraged to check our repositories over on Github.

You can also contact us via any of the links below or via the google form here.

These are exciting times for decentralized betting! We hope that a rich, fun betting environment with decreased cost of service to players, full transparency, community-run by the Azuro DAO and with a commitment to responsibility will emerge around Azuro protocol’s innovation.

Despite the fact that the Azuro DAO has no control over whoever connects their front-end platforms with the Azuro Protocol, the Azuro DAO encourages front-end operators who intend to do so to comply with any laws applicable to the operation of such platforms.

The Azuro DAO expressly disclaims any liability for the activity of front-end operators who connect their platform with Azuro.

Follow the links below to join Azuro’s communities and stay up to date with our progress.

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