Azuro Testnet Contest Guide

Contest Guide

Step 0: Make sure you have the needed accounts/apps

  1. Create a Telegram account
  2. Create a Twitter account
  3. Install Google Chrome on your PC or Mac
  4. Install Metamask extension on your Google Chrome browser and create an Ethereum wallet.
  5. Copy your Metamask Ethereum wallet and save your secret phrase

1. Open the Azuro Testnet bot @azuro_bot in Telegram

2. Sign up via the bot and follow on-screen instructions

2.1. Follow Azuro Protocol’s official accounts

Discord channel:

Telegram group:

Telegram channel:


2.2. Enter your email address and ERC-20 wallet address

You can find the address of your ERC-20 wallet on the Metamask extension on your Google Chrome browser. Then copy from here:

3. Proceed to the Testnet website

4. Connect your wallet to the Azuro Testnet

5. Change your Network to Rinkeby

6. Receive test ETH on Rinkeby (see below)

6.1. Go to your twitter account and make a tweet with your ETH address (can be done with a Facebook post, too)

6.2. Copy your tweet’s URL, paste it on and click the “Give me Ether” button. You can ask for up to 18.75 ETH

7. Return to and claim your 100 USDT

8. Make bets and compete for amazing prizes

REMEMBER: You need to make at least 15 bets between Aug 26 and Sept 27 to be eligible. Good luck!

To get more information about the Contest and all the rewards you can go for, please see the Azuro Contest Info.

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Here is a video tutorial:

Azuro Protocol is an open source public-domain software including a set of smart contracts, written in Solidity that can be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, and/or other blockchains.

Azuro is in Testnet and no real money, cryptocurrencies or assets can be or will be used for betting. Using the Azuro Testnet and participating in any of the campaigns or promotions on the Azuro Testnet is only possible with test USDT tokens available in the Rinkeby Test Network. There is no option or possibility for participants to use any other form of tokens or assets on the Azuro Testnet, therefore, there is no way for real money or assets to be used for the purpose of betting, or for winning any reward.



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