Azuro Testnet v2 User Guide

This guide will take you through everything you need to start using Azuro Testnet v2.

This week sees the launch of the new and improved Azuro Testnet and to celebrate we are running various competitions where you can win some fantastic prizes.

Full details on #azuroSZN competitions and prizes can be found here

Step 1: The basics

  1. Join the Azuro Discord
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Ensure you have a Metamask account set up

Step 2: Verify your wallet in the Discord in order to qualify for the competitions

Your Metamask wallet is required in order to track your Testnet v2 betting activity and reward prizes as part of the #azuroSZN competitions.

To verify yourself you need to:

  • Go to Azuro Discord
  • pass the welcome Captcha
  • go to the #wallet-verification channel
  • follow instruction to connect your wallet via

Step 3. Navigate to Testnet v2

Navigate to Testnet v2 on the Azuro website —

Step 4. Connect your wallet to the Azuro Testnet

Step 5. Change your network to Rinkeby

Step 6. Get testnet ETH on the Rinkeby network

Betting on Azuro Testnet will not cost users tx fees. You can claim test ETH from the Rinkeby network and claim free USDT tokens to bet with from Azuro.

First of all claim your tesnet ETH here —

Add your wallet address you’ll be using on testnet to the ‘testnet account address’ field and press ‘send request’ after completing the CAPTCHA.

The Chainlink faucet will give you 0.1 ETH per claim (More than enough gas to participate for the duration of the testnet).

Option 2:

If you have problems with the first option you can ask the community to send you some testnet ETH in the #rinkebyproblems channel in Discord.
Just send your wallet address to the channel.

Step 7. Return to Testnet v2 and claim your 100 USDT

Step 8. Make bets and compete for amazing prizes

You can track your bets in the ‘My Bets’ section as shown below.

Once the event is over, if you bet has won you will need to click the redeem button to claim your winnings. This triggers a rinkeby transaction and will update you USDT test token balance once complete.

You’re all set, make sure to check out the campaigns running on testnet in Discord and here on medium!

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