Azuro vs Knights of Degen Betting Competition — 2250 USDT Prize Pool + NFTs

3 min readMay 3, 2022


We are excited to kick off our new partnership with sports betting community Knights of Degen with a cross-community betting competition with a 2250 USDT prize pool!.

Knights of Degen is a thriving community-led by sports betting enthusiast and Managing Partner of Red Beard Ventures, Drew Austin. The Knights of Degen is a Discord community that features a medieval sports bar known as The Degen Tavern where degens meet up to bet on sports, trade NFTs and share alpha. However, Knights of Degen are much more than just a community, and to receive unparalleled access to the KoD Kingdom users must hold one of the 8,888 unique NFTs featuring over 188 traits.

Azuro x Knights of Degen

The partnership is another great addition to the Azuro family that will bring together two betting communities and further promote the mass adoption of decentralized betting. Both projects sharing mutual interests in each other’s projects has led to Red Beard Ventures becoming early investors in Azuro and plans made for collaborations between our communities. Azuro is also now officially part of the Knights of Degen after adding 10 of the KoD NFTs to the Azuro treasury.

Azurians vs Knights of Degen Betting Competition

The betting competition is a free-to-enter, week-long betting competition taking place on the Azuro testnet. Both communities will compete against one another putting their betting prowess to the test to see who is crowned the champions. The winning team will take home a larger prize pool, with the top 10 in each team sharing the prize.

Date: 09/05/2022 12:00 UTC — 16/05/2022 23:59 UTC
Prize Pool: 2250USDT
PLUS Azuro are giving away a KOD NFT to the competition winner!

  • Winning Team: 1500 USDT+ KOD NFT
  • Losing Team: 750 USDT+ AzuroSZN NFT

Full prize breakdown is available on our Discord

How To Enter

  • Sign up for the tournament will run from 03/05/22–09/05/22 11:59 UTC
  • Users must submit their address, and Discord ID and choose a team.
  • Once your address has been submitted, it will be added to the leaderboard to be tracked (Only ETH addresses will be visible on the leaderboard).
  • Users can submit their details via a Google Form found on the Azuro Discord in the #azuro-vs-kod channel.
  • Join the server here:


  • Users must submit their addresses to us on the Azuro Discord. You will find the signup form in the #azuro-vs-kod channel on the Azuro Discord.
  • Users must be part of both the Azuro Discord and Knights of Degen Discord to be accepted.
  • Once the competition and betting begins, addresses are tracked on the leaderboard on the Azuro website. Only the addresses submitted are shown on the leaderboard.
  • There is a leaderboard for each team to track the overall score. Individual user scores from a specific team can be viewed on their separate leaderboard. Cumulative scores from all participants in a team are added together to determine the winning team.
  • Leaderboard position is determined by your total points score based on the profit of your winning bets. For the purpose of this competition, all bets will count as a theoretical 1 USDT stake, meaning your profit on a single bet is calculated by multiplying 1x the odds of your bet. Note, doing it this way means the stake you bet within the testnet is irrelevant to your overall score. It is done this way so that participants do not gain advantages from differing USDT balances in future betting weeks.

Example 1: you win a bet at odds of 3.0. Your total points that go towards the competition will be 2 (the profit from your bet).

Example 2: you lose a bet at odds of 3.0. Your total points that go towards the competition will be -1

  • Only the first bet on a single market will count towards your total, successive bets on the same market and outcome will be ignored.
  • Sign-up and acceptance into the tournament will be capped so neither team has an unfair user advantage. 100 users from each community at a time until the cap is reached and we release a new cap.




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