AzuroSZN — The Finale: All-New Betting League & 5000 USDT Prize Pool

With the Azuro mainnet launch on Gnosis Chain right around the corner, the time has almost come for us to close the door on the Azuro Testnet, and with it, AzuroSZN. So we’ve decided to go out with a bang and offer our biggest ever prizes, including a 5000 USDT prize pool for the AzuroSZN Betting league.

The Finale will start with our Poker Tournament, followed by the Betting League and a variety of exciting campaigns with crypto and NFT prizes up for grabs each week.

Important AzuroSZN Links:
Join the Azuro Discord
Read the Testnet v2 User Guide
Betting League on The Azuro Testnet

What To Expect In The Finale

Community Poker Tournament

Kicking things off is something completely new to AzuroSZN. We will be hosting a community poker event on Discord, which will span the entire 4 weeks with a prize pool of NFTs and 200 USDT (Prize doubled for AzuroSZN NFT holders).

Registration is capped at 100 players, who will be randomly split into 10 breakout rooms. The 10 winners from each room will then go on to compete in the final to take home the prize. In week 4, the previous week’s winners will battle it out in a grand final event to be crowned the champion to receive the big money. There can only be one!

Date: 01/04/2022–22/04/2022 (Weekly, every Friday)

AzuroSZN Betting League

After a huge response to the original iterations of the betting league, we are returning with an entirely new league and an incredible 5000 USDT prize pool. Players will battle against each other in a points-based league format with the top 20 players being rewarded with USDT prizes.
Full details announced soon.

Bookie Nightmare

Throughout the betting league, we will be running what we have dubbed the “Bookie Nightmare”, where we will have a giveaway every 2 days for players who post their winning streak on the Discord #betting channel. One lucky player, selected at random, will receive a prize of 50 USDT + an NFT.

Azuro Community Quiz Night

As many of the community members know, we have hosted some amazing “Mystery Challenges” in previous AzuroSZNs. After the great response they received, we have decided to expand on the idea and host a Community Quiz Night with a prize pool of 10 Mystery Solver NFTs and 200 USDT with prizes doubling for players lucky enough to hold an AzuroSZN NFT.

Date: 09/04/2022

There will also be a sprinkling of secret events for our Discord community that are yet to be announced. Keep an eye on the #announcements channel on Discord for when they go live.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has tested the protocol, provided feedback, reported bugs, and shared our belief and vision for a truly transparent decentralized betting landscape. We have seen monumental growth and reached many milestones in a very short space of time, and this is only just the beginning for Azuro.



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