#azuroSZN Week One DONE. Week Two Incoming

It’s been a great launch of Testnet v2 this past week with record numbers joining the community and participating in the #azuroSZN challenges which are celebrating the launch of the new app.

We’ve asked our fellow Azurians to complete three challenges, two centered around using the betting Testnet v2 and one meme challenge thrown in for good fun and laughs (some of these have been hilarious).

This has allowed the dev team to see the app being put through its paces, producing vital data for them to improve the application from its current state and iron out any bugs. The spirit of decentralisation and the blockchain has truly been captured with the community playing a key role in testing the application rather than keeping the process in house.

Azurians taking part in these campaigns will be rewarded upon successful completion of the challenges in the form of NFTs and Discord roles with the challenges taking different forms over the next few weeks.


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So far, week 1 of #azuroSZN has looked like this…

Betting Challenge

Azurains were set the task of picking 3 successful Full Time Result selections from the football markets available on testnet this week.

Those Azurians who were successful will be receiving the ‘Savvy Bettor’ NFT and Discord role. Congrats to them.

Mystery Challenge

One of our Community Managers @Azuro|Peak has been putting Discord members through their paces with this week’s Mystery Challenge that started off easy, and has progressed to very hard, leaving users perplexed on how to solve the mystery.

This meme from one community member perfectly summed up the mood as the challenges set by Peak got harder.

Those that were successful in figuring out the challenge will be rewarded with the ‘Mystery Solver’ NFT and Discord role.

Meme Challenge

We all know a picture paints a thousand words so let’s just leave some of the best memes from this week’s Meme Challenge here…

The top 3 memes for this week have been chosen and will be announced shortly. The winners will receive the ‘Meme-Zurian’ NFT and Discord role.

Week 2

We go again this week starting Monday 17th January. Details are as follows…

Betting Challenge

This week, participants will have to make 3 successful bets on the Total Goals markets in order to win another ‘Savvy Bettor’ NFT and the Discord role if they do not have it already.

Mystery Challenge

The Mystery Challenge continues with @Azuro|Peak thinking up new ways to confuse and test Azurians attempting to complete this challenge in the Discord.

Make sure you jump into the #mystery-challenge channel in the server to take part.

Those that complete the challenge will win another ‘Mystery Solver’ NFT and the Discord role if they do not have it already.

Meme Challenge

It’s the same again this week with the Meme Challenge as we’re looking for more hilarious memes from the community. This week we’d like Azurians to create memes with a football theme, whilst still keeping them Azuro related, in order to qualify for this week’s challenge.

The top 3 memes this week will get another ‘Meme-zurian’ NFT and Discord role. This is probably the toughest role & NFT to get!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

NOTE: NFTs will be minted and distributed to you on the Rinkeby testnet. These will serve as place holders. They will then be exchanged for mainnet NFTs when Azuro moves from a testnet to mainnet.

What’s on this week

There’s loads of great footy action across the major European leagues this week.

There’s midweek action in the Premier League with two great looking matches on Wednesday as Leicester face Tottenham and Brentford play Man Utd. And then on Sunday there’s a London Derby with Tottenham in action again, this time away to Chelsea. Not an easy week for Spurs!

In Italy, Lazio host in-form Atalanta on Saturday and on Sunday there’s a heavyweight clash with AC Milan playing Juventus at the San Siro.

In Spain there’s midweek action and a full schedule of weekend games with highlights including Atl Madrid v Valencia on Saturday and Real Madrid v Elche on Sunday.

Good luck to all those taking part in this week’s challenges and make sure you drop into the Azuro Discord to keep up with all the action.



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