#azuroSZN Week Two DONE. Onto Week Three.

Azurians — week 2 challenges are DONE. The curtain comes down on the weekend after a great Sunday of football across Europe.

The final game of week 2 was Empoli vs Roma in Serie A, which finished 4–2 to Roma — no more bets will qualify for week 2 challenges after this point.

We’ll now be calculating the winners for the rest of the week and letting you know the list shortly.

We will pull the on-chain data tomorrow and distribute the rest of the Weekly Betting competition NFTs then. Mystery Solver and Meme-Zurian NFTs will also be distributed tomorrow once winners have been picked.


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Ok onto week 3 then, and details of the challenges are as follows…

Betting Challenge

We’re mixing things up again, this time we need you to bet on the Double Chance markets in order to be in with a chance of winning the Savvy Bettor NFT and Discord role.

In total you’ll need to win 7 bets on Double Chance markets in order to win the prizes. 7 may sound like a lot but these are often low odds markets so there should be plenty of winners.

Design Challenge

We want to switch up the Meme Challenge as well this week. We’ve had some hilarious entries for the meme competitions but we want to get those creative juices flowing from our community by implementing a ‘Design Competition’.

We are going to task users from our community to create their best Discord emoji or sticker. You can draw inspiration from anywhere, the only requirement is it must have an Azuro theme to it. It could be everyone’s favourite Pepe frog with an Azuro spin, the internet’s favourite animal an Azuro cat or create some kind of cool animated Azuro themed emoji/sticker The possibilities are endless.

Full detail of the challenge are available in the #announcements channel in Discord and winners will receive the Meme-Zurian NFT and Discord role.

Mystery Challenge

There will be no Mystery Challenge this week. @Azuro| Peak has been mysterious enough these last couple of weeks so we’re giving him and you guys a break.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

NOTE: NFTs will be minted and distributed to you on the Rinkeby testnet. These will serve as place holders. They will then be exchanged for mainnet NFTs when Azuro moves from a testnet to mainnet.

What’s on this week

It’s the international break this week so most of the major European leagues will be on a break.

So this week look out for games from the lower leagues across Europe and some of the World Cup qualifying games happening all over the world.

There will still be plenty of action for you to get stuck into despite a lot of teams taking a break.

Good luck to everyone that enters!



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