LiveBetting is ready.

2 min readNov 22, 2023


Implement LiveBetting Today.

The allusive LiveBetting, aka ‘Play-Live’ in some circles, accounts for roughly 80% of volume for Sports Books in web2. Users love the interactive, fast paced, constantly ongoing experience of wagering in a live setting.

However, up until now, there’s never been a fully decentralised implementation of this. One that ensures full sovereignty over Liquidity, Deposited Capital, Experience.

Now we do, you can implement it today:

From today, you can implement LiveBetting loading live games ( and retrieving real time updates (

In the coming days, we will publish PlaceABet (, which details the wallet interaction, completing the full LiveBetting suite. Alongside this, we’ll also let you know how to connect it to Polygon’s Mumbai Testnet, so you can test the implementation itself.


We expect to migrate to Mainnet in the coming months, therefore we strongly suggest all Interfaces using Azuro Contracts to consider integrating LiveBetting and testing it on your Front-End.

LiveBetting will make you extremely competitive in the decentralised space, offering something truly unique and never done before. Highly engaging your existing users and encouraging acquisition of new ones.

That’s all for now, we hope that you’re just as hyped as we are about this, it’s going to change everything.

If you have any Questions, please inform your devRel team, or if you’re looking to integrate into Azuro, you can fill out our onboarding form which can be found here:




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