The new #azuroSZN betting competition is here! Weekly 2000 USTD prize pool!

The new #azuroSZN betting competition is here, with a brand new competition format and some huge prizes on offer.

Starting tomorrow, a new betting competition will begin where participants will compete in a betting league format for a chance to win some big USDT prizes. It sees the continuation of our #azuroSZN campaign and is our biggest competition yet.

Beginning Wednesday 16th February 00:00 UTC, users of azuro Testnet v2 will be able to test their betting knowledge by going head-to-head with other users in a league-style betting competition with a top prize of 1000 USDT on offer to the winner.

The competitions will be weekly, with new betting weeks starting Tuesday and ending Sunday. Monday will give us a chance to announce winners and start the next betting week.


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How it Works

Users will go head-to-head in league-style betting competitions, with points awarded for successful bets. Bets must be placed on azuro Testnet v2 and points will be awarded based on a fictional 1 USDT stake in order to create a fair competition for all participants. That means the stake you place when making your bet will not count towards the competition.

The betting league will reset each week as described in the list of rules below and new prize money will be on offer for that betting week. Only bets on events that start after the betting week start time or start before the betting week end time will be considered for the competition.

You’ll be able to track the best performers on the azuro leaderboard here —

The leaderboard will only show the top 30 places but don’t worry, we’ll be pulling the full league position data and participants will be able to see their individual wallet position, meaning you’ll know exactly where you stand.

If you’ve not already used azuro Testnet v2, make sure you familiarise yourself on how to use the app here —

IMPORTANT: the week 1 betting competition will begin Wednesday 16th February 00:00 UTC. Subsequent competitions will begin on Tuesday 00:00 UTC in that betting week.

Competition General Rules

  • Betting competition weeks run weekly from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Betting week start time: 00:00 UTC Tuesday
  • Betting week end time: 23:59 UTC Sunday.
  • Entrants to the betting competition will compete in a betting league-style with a leaderboard to show the most successful entrants.
  • Leaderboard resets weekly for each betting competition week.
  • Leaderboard snapshot will be taken at the end of the betting week.
  • Qualifying bets count if made on an event that starts after the betting week start time or starts before the betting week end time.
  • Leaderboard position is determined by your total points score based on the profit of your winning bets. For the purpose of this competition, all bets will count as a theoretical 1 USDT stake, meaning your profit on a single bet is calculated by multiplying 1x the odds of your bet. Note, doing it this way means the stake you bet with in testnet is irrelevant to your overall score. It is done this way so that participants do not gain advantages from differing USDT balances in future betting weeks.

Example 1: you win a bet at odds of 3.0. Your total points that go towards the competition will be 2 (the profit from your bet).

Example 2: you lose a bet at odds of 3.0. Your total points that go towards the competition will be -1.

Example 3: you win a bet at odds of 1.75. Your total points that go towards the competition will be 0.75.

  • Bets will be placed with testnet USDT. No real money will be staked.
  • Bets will only count on specific events that will be announced before the beginning of each betting competition week.
  • Players do not need to redeem their winnings for their bets to qualify for the leaderboard.
  • Only 30 places will be shown on the leaderboard. Users will still be able to see their league position outside of the top 30.
  • If more than 1 bet is placed on an outcome, only the first bet placed will count towards the betting contest.

Week 1 Betting Round Rules

Start time: Wednesday 16th February 00:00 UTC
End time: Sunday 20th February 23:59 UTC

  • Only bets placed on football will count towards the leaderboard position this week.
  • Only bets placed on events starting after Wednesday 00:00 UTC will count towards this week’s competition.
  • Only one competition entry per person. Those found trying to cheat the system with multiple wallets or unusual betting activity will be banned

Prize Structure (according to place in the Leaderboard)

  1. 1000 USDT
  2. 400 USDT
  3. 200 USDT
  4. 100 USDT
  5. 50 USDT
  6. 50 USDT
  7. 50 USDT
  8. 50 USDT
  9. 50 USDT
  10. 50 USDT


  • Do I need to use my own crypto?

No, as we running on a testnet we will not require you to put up your own collateral. We will provide you testnet tokens that will be used to bet with.

  • What crypto do I bet with?

We have created a testnet USDT contract and faucet available on the Azuro website. You will use these testnet USDT to bet on different events. The $100 USDT can be claimed once every 24 hours on the Azuro website.

  • Do I need to pay gas fees when placing bets?

Yes, as the protocol is running on Rinkeby Ethereum but remember that Rinkeby ETH is free to claim as described in the Testnet v2 user guide.

  • What wallet can I use?

We recommend using MetaMask please. Other wallets may work but we have not tested the functionality of Rinkeby using different wallets and will not be able to provide support if you choose another wallet. Download here

  • What sports can I bet on?

Right now it’s only football (soccer).

  • What markets can I bet on?

Full Time Result (1/X/2)
Double Chance
Total Goals

  • Why are there no matches right now?

There should always be some events on testnet. Try refreshing your browser, deleting cookies/cache if you can’t see any. If that still does not work, reach out in the azuro Discord.

  • Why Is my bet not settled?

If the event has finished and your bet has won, you will need to “redeem” your winnings. You can do this from the “My Bets” page here

  • Do I need to redeem my winnings for qualify for the azuro betting league?

No. your league position will be automatically counted without having to redeem your winnings. Make sure you still redeem them so you have plenty of USDT to bet with.

  • What happens to my testnet winnings?

The USDT you bet with and win only has a use within the Azuro testnet. It’s purpose is used for nothing more than testing the protocol. It cannot be used on mainnet and it cannot be exchanged for any mainnet currency. The prizes you win are the NFTs from the campaigns.

  • If I win a betting competition prize, how do I claim it?

We’ll be in contact with winners and will send you the USDT. Winnings will be sent via BSC, not ETH mainnet (to avoid excessive gas costs).

  • Other questions?

Jump in our Discord. The team will be there, and happy to answer any and all questions.



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